(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. novel, recent; new, unfaded, unjaded, unhackneyed, unused; healthy, vigorous; rested, unfatigued; unsalted; cool, refreshing, brisk, keen; inexperienced; slang, insolent. See newness, cold, health, refreshment, insolence.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Newly produced]
Syn. new, green, crisp, raw, recent, current, late, this season's, factory-fresh, garden-fresh, farm-fresh, new-crop, newly born, brand-new, newborn, immature, young, beginning, newfound, just out, newfangled, hot off the press*.
Ant. old*, stale, musty.
2. [Novel]
Syn. unconventional, original, radical, different; see original 2 , 3 , unusual 1 , 2 .
3. [Additional]
Syn. further, increased, supplementary, new; see extra .
4. [Not preserved]
Syn. unsalted, uncured, unpickled, undried, unsmoked, uncanned; see also sense 1.
5. [Unspoiled]
Syn. uncontaminated, not stale, good, unwilted, undecayed, well-preserved, odor-free, in good condition, unwithered, unblemished, unspotted, preserved, faultless, new, pure, pristine, virgin, unimpaired, wholesome.
Ant. decayed*, spoiled, contaminated.
6. [Not faded, worn, or soiled]
Syn. vivid, unworn, unsullied, sharp; see bright 2 , clean , definite 2 .
7. [Not salt; said of water ]
Syn. potable, drinkable, cool, clear, pure, clean, sweet, fit to drink, safe.
Ant. dirty*, brackish, briny.
8. [Brisk; said of air or wind ]
Syn. cool, refreshing, bracing, invigorating, quickening, spanking, refreshing, steady, stimuLating, crisp, clear, unpolluted, clean, pure, stiff.
9. [Energetic]
Syn. vigorous, spry, sprightly, alert; see active 2 .
10. [Refreshed]
Syn. rested, restored, rehabilitated, like new, like a New man, like a New woman, renewed, relaxed, stimulated, freshened, invigorated, revived, recharged, energized, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed*.
Ant. tired*, exhausted, worn-out.
11. [Inexperienced]
Syn. untrained, untried, unskilled, green; see inexperienced .
12. [*Impudent]
Syn. saucy, disrespectful, impertinent; see rude 2 .
See Synonym Study at new .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. new up-to-date, *hot, current, modern, newborn, recent, bright, sparkling, unused, *hot off the presses, untouched, vernal, *spring-fresh.
2. additional new, more, further.
3. vigorous energetic, lively, vital, bright-eyed, rested, revived, full of vim and vigor, vibrant, alert, bouncing.
4. original imaginative, creative, new, unconventional, novel, untried, *cutting edge.
5. refreshing cool, clean, bracing, pure, invigorating.
6. inexperienced raw, green, untried, new, untrained, *wet behind the ears.
7. sassy rude, smart-alecky, cheeky, flippant, disrespectful, *smartass, impudent, bold, *nervy, ballsy.
ANT.: 1. old, worn, dated, stale. 3. tired, exhausted, weary. 4. trite, hackneyed, cliched. 5. stale, musty, polluted. 6. experienced, tried, veteran. 7. polite, shy, quiet, deferential
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective 1. Not the same as what was previously known or done: different, innovative, inventive, new, newfangled, novel, original, unfamiliar, unprecedented. See NEW. 2. Not previously used: brand-new, new. See NEW. 3. Being an addition: added, additional, extra, further, more, new, other. See INCREASE. 4. Bright and clear in complexion; not dull or faded: blooming, creamy, glowing, peaches-and-cream. See BEAUTIFUL. 5. Informal. Rude and disrespectful: assuming, assumptive, audacious, bold, boldfaced, brash, brazen, cheeky, contumelious, familiar, forward, impertinent, impudent, insolent, malapert, nervy, overconfident, pert, presuming, presumptuous, pushy, sassy, saucy, smart. Informal: brassy, flip, smart-alecky, snippety, snippy, uppish, uppity. Slang: wise1. See ATTITUDE, COURTESY.

English dictionary for students. 2013.

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